Monday, February 14, 2005

Visit to Nottingham and the quiz

On Friday morning I apcked my bags and went to Nottingham. I found out that Rich was getting the same coach from Birmingham, which ,made the journey seem shorter than the really long almost 7 hours that it was. On Friday night we had some food and met other people at the station, then went back and watched TV and had present exchanging.

On Saturday we went to Nottingham Castle and explored the tunnels. From 4pm 'til 1am we were in pubs / bars. We went to 11 in total, so it was sort of a pub crawl. I had about 8 pints - of coke - and a few more of random other non-alcoholic stuff. We got back and had pancakes at about 2am, then slept, then got up and left.

I slept for about half the time on the coach, so my brain doesn't know what time it is. After getting back to Exeter we went to the Lemmy pub quiz (like we do every Sunday, without fail). This week we came 2nd overall, out of about 11 teams, and I somehow managed to win £110 just by saying "France, 42, Cardif, top-right, vision, Monday" in the right order when other people couldn't.

We went back after the quiz and tried to sober Mike up, who had had over 2 pints of Carling! We then made some more pancakes (they're so yummy and easy to make!), then cleaned up for the cleaner tomorrow.

Whoever says that Windows crashes lots is lying. My computer has now been on for over a month without being switched off or restarted. I, however, need to sleep now.

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