Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Skip Goes Parachuting for charity

Skip is doing a sponsored parachute jump for a charity called MIND. You can donate online.

In his own words:


I'm doing a sponsored event, a parachute jump, raising funds for MIND
which is a mental health charity. They " with all aspects of
mental health from stress and anxiety to manic depression and
schizophrenia...." provide a lot of information for sufferers and their
carers, campaign etc. More information about them can be found at The reason I'm emailing now is to gather sponsors for
this event that takes place on the 12th of February. If you see me
around over the next couple of weeks I will be carrying my sponsorship
form with me, then I have 4 weeks after the event to collect from
sponsors. And because we're all computer scientists I took the
opportunity to set up a website (using their template) for it at just in case you didn't see me

I also hope to bring a video camera along so I can share the experience
and provide more information about the charity and related issues which
should be published (on in about 4 weeks time to
coincide with student volunteering week. Please feel free to bowl up and
talk to me about it if you see me around.


Ian O'Sullivan

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