Sunday, September 17, 2006

General updateyness

Good Sunday fellow people. This is a moblog from my phone so please excuse the lack of amazing photos.

People generally know that my fiancee Hannah + myself are engaged. Additionally it is soon to be common knowledge that the date of our wedding is February the 24th 2007. We're getting married at Corfe Mullen Baptist Church and probably having a small reception at the
Candord Magna Centre. All very exciting stuff!

Further updates include the news that Hannah and I both have jobs working for Poole College. We'll let you know how things go when we start (whenever that is).

Dates for my diary:
Hannah's birthday 26th Sept
My baptism 1st Oct
My birthday 9th Oct
Hannah's gall stones operation 26th Oct

That's all for now. Remember to leave comments if you think.