Monday, February 21, 2005

I'm back

Had a cool weekend (more later). Got back and did the quiz. Came second, which wasnt too bad. After the quiz we made candy floss! I have a cold.

Friday, February 18, 2005

I'm going home!

I'm going home for the weekend. I'll be back on Sunday before the quiz. My puta nerly crashed a few minutes ago and I have no idea why.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Last night I decided to start watching the second series of 24 as I haven't seen it yet. We're now officially out of cheese, milk and bread, so can't make much food. The situation was so bad that last night Mike tried to make some kind of sweetcorn pancake. It didn't go well.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Photo update: Pancake day!

First, we made the mixture.
Pete then tried to drink it, but we stopped him.
Then we did the actual cooking.
We're so good, we can flip pancakes without even using the pan!
We developed our skills further so we didn't even need hands or the actual pancake!

This was my 12oz (300g) pancake.
Mike had a bit too much again...

Extreme randomness

This was very weird. One afternoon in Exeter town center we were walking along and passed something very unusual. There were a group of people (probably about 10), all with white hoodies which said "Time & Light" on the back. They were walking around in circles, corssing over the high street. At one point I saw a middle aged man get a mirror out and point it at someone else across the street. This was obviously some signal, as the guy on the other side (just a kid) got out a mirror too and signalled back. I tried to take a photo as I was walking past, but it didn't come out very well. If anyone knows anything about this then please tell me what it's about!

Update: I just remembered that they all had 2ft white + red striped sticks. I'm not making this up!

Photo update: Trip to Nottingham

Last weekend I (and 4 other friends) went to visit Nottingham. At first, we waited for people to arrive and passed the time by playing with coasters.

Then we got to Ed's house. He has a very cool living room.

The we went to the castle / caves.

On Saturday evening we went to 11 pubs. One of them had this:

Then it was time to sleep.

Photo update: Fondue

A while ago we made an amazing fondue. First we went to Tescos and worked out what ingredients we needed to make our own potato wedges. Then we made it and ate it. There was a little leftover, which I put in the fridge and ate later.

Photo update: School night at Arena

This was the 'interesting' school clubbing night we had last Wednesday. Don't worry, the dressing up is a joke and not to be taken seriously...
It got even more interesting at the club (and on the way there / back), but these were the only photos I took.

Be my friend!

Are you my friend or would you like to be my friend? If so, click here and make it official! I'm not normally the kind of person to sign up to random stuff like this, but it seems fairly cool. Hi5 is a social networking website, like friendster etc.

Mornings of Doom

I managed to get up at 8am today. I was really cold when I woke up for some reason so I had a shower only using the hot tap - no cold water! I had lots and lots of lectures in a row this morning and managed to find out the code to the safe in room 10-something in the Arson building is 9674*. Now it's time for lunch and the new Exe-possy , then I have even more lectures!

Monday, February 14, 2005

No alcohol + no girlfriend = cheap night out

This morning we played badminton. I don't think I had an afternoon today - maybe aliens came. This evening we went to the Hogshead and I spent a total of £2.20 and had 3 pints! Bargain! Mike may have drunk a little too much again. Wow, these smiley things are cool! Now it's time to sleep .


I just wrote a really long post about what I got up to at the weekend, then it disappeared. Grrr

Update: Actually, is seems as though it didn't. Excellent.

Visit to Nottingham and the quiz

On Friday morning I apcked my bags and went to Nottingham. I found out that Rich was getting the same coach from Birmingham, which ,made the journey seem shorter than the really long almost 7 hours that it was. On Friday night we had some food and met other people at the station, then went back and watched TV and had present exchanging.

On Saturday we went to Nottingham Castle and explored the tunnels. From 4pm 'til 1am we were in pubs / bars. We went to 11 in total, so it was sort of a pub crawl. I had about 8 pints - of coke - and a few more of random other non-alcoholic stuff. We got back and had pancakes at about 2am, then slept, then got up and left.

I slept for about half the time on the coach, so my brain doesn't know what time it is. After getting back to Exeter we went to the Lemmy pub quiz (like we do every Sunday, without fail). This week we came 2nd overall, out of about 11 teams, and I somehow managed to win £110 just by saying "France, 42, Cardif, top-right, vision, Monday" in the right order when other people couldn't.

We went back after the quiz and tried to sober Mike up, who had had over 2 pints of Carling! We then made some more pancakes (they're so yummy and easy to make!), then cleaned up for the cleaner tomorrow.

Whoever says that Windows crashes lots is lying. My computer has now been on for over a month without being switched off or restarted. I, however, need to sleep now.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Arena schoolnight

Tonight was the Arena schoolnight organised by the RAG (they raised £2000 for the tsunami). We decided to dress up again. Hopefully dressing up won't become a regular activity... We actually had a really cool time. We got there stupidly early as tickets were expected to sell out, but it was fairly empty to begin with. A glass of coke is actually more expensive than a beer! I drank lots of water. My feet are now aching as we danced way too much. I have to make my bed now, sleep, then get up for a 9am lecture again.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Over 11 hours so far!

I've made it over 11 hours so far without alcohol. It's going to be a challenge, but I think we'll do it. We've now raised over £90 for the Red Cross! I'll make a countdown timer thing when we've worked out exactly when lent finishes - weather it's 40 days or 47.

Last night we went to the Ram bar then came back and had more pancakes. I had 10 in total, including some with vodka in the mixture, which worked suprisingly well. Not much happened after that. I finished my least beer at 11.55pm, then we played darts for a bit.

Today we're going to Rileys to play pool as I have no more lectures today! This evening we should hopefully be going clubbing at Arena as it's the school night (again).

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


For lunch we had pancakes! Mike and Pete got full up, so I had to use up all the mixture on 1 uber-pancake. It was 12oz (the same as 3 quater pounders). It's not burnt at all + mostly cooked everywhere. We're going in to town now to get more pancake supplies!

Happy Panake Day!

This morning I got up super early. I had time to have a proper shower (shampoo + conditioner!), breakfast, shave and pack my bag!

I just had 4 straight hours of lectures. I did some cool doodles and actually learnt quite a bit. Some of the keys on my keyboard aren't working very well. Especially '' , '' and '' (they didn't work then).

Mike has just got a TV, so he doesn't have to miss any of the F1 races. I need to do washing and get lunch now. Hopefully I'll have time to go to campus and give blood, as they've got a blood donation thing there today.

Time for lunch now.

Finally - a new post!

It's been a few days since I last wrote anything. Not much has happened.

On Sunday, Mum came to visit. We went out for lunch and the waitress (in her 40/50s) said to me, "I wouldn't want to sleep with you tonight... with all those beans." I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing. Luckily she kept her word and didn't try to sleep with me that night.

We rushed to the quiz on Sunday evening as we thought it wasn't on, but realised it was 5 minutes before it started. We came third and Mike did a funny dance. We came back and cooked dinner at about 11.30pm.

I got up early then played badminton with Pete this morning. I managed to (almost) get 180 in darts (the top score), but one of the darts bounced out :-(. We went to the 'spoons after food, then trundled back.

I've realised that my MP3 player is good for transferring large files like films and TV episodes between computers. You may think this is illegal, but did you also know that it's illegal to copy a CD you own onto a tape (e.g. for your car) or rip a CD onto your computer (e.g. to MP3) in the UK, without the implicit permission from the copyright holder? It's also illegal to digitally scan any document (unless you have permission) or copy text from a website (without permission). However, it is legal for me to record a film from Sky onto my computer and watch it later.

I have 4 lectures in a row tomorrow, starting from 9am, so I'm going to sleep now.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Oh Bother

Seems as tho the batteries for my keyboard have died. I'm using my mouse now. Typing is slow.

Update: It works now. I recharged the batteries. That was exciting.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sponsored fundraising: Not drinking for charity

From Wednesday the 9th of February until the 26th of March, Alex, Becca and I are going to give up alcohol. We are trying to impress our friends, get healthier and raise money for the Red Cross. You can easily donate online, or in real life.

I'm going to count up roughly how much I would spend over the 45 days and donate that. I'll also donate 10p for every spelling mistake I've made that people (that includes you!) find on my blog. (Note: this doesn't include words I've made up.)

Please donate money to the Red Cross - they provide help and support to people all over the world. This includes (but is in no way limited to) the recent tsunami. Thanks!

Some cool words

I need a place to put some cool words. This will be the place. These words are either funny or interesting or just generally cool in my opinion. I'll try to keep them in alphabetical order. Post your own and I'll add them to the best list in the universe! I'll put all the new ones in bold.

  • avocado (Like spinach for brains)
  • asymptote (Only 7 people actually know what it means)
  • bewaffled (Is this actually a word? It should be)
  • buttocks (Best pronounced out loud)
  • catamaran (Half funny and half cool, so it makes this list)
  • chutney (Horrible taste, lovely word)
  • colloquial (From Mo, very word-like)
  • cupboard (Not a cup, almost a board)
  • didgeridoo (Only funny because people think it is)
  • duck (A duck or to duck? Who knows?)
  • gherkin (Only just made it to this list as it's hard to spell)
  • hippy (Suggested by Mike, who probably isn't a hippy)
  • Kazakhstan (Kind of cheating as it has 2 'k's)
  • kerfuffle (Of Little Britain fame)
  • knickerbockers (from Mike Lunt, almost a rude word, but isn't)
  • kumquat (OH YES!)
  • laicization (From Hannah, apparently useful, but I doubt it)
  • melancholy (Suggested by Mo, rhymes with some cool words)
  • mongoose (Because it sounds like an abnormal goose)
  • nincompoop (Probably chant-worthy; try it!)
  • queue (From Mo, reminds me of banana)
  • snorkel (Should be more widely used in society)
  • spatula (This noun should be verbed)
  • spontenaiety (Suggested by Hannah, who thought of this very quickly)
  • spoon (Only good with other words)
  • stipendary (From Hannah, получающий жалованье in Russian)
  • subbookkeeper (What do you think?)
  • sycamore (nominated as the most beautiful English word. And no, I'm not joking)
  • Ujiji (where Livingstone was apparently found in 1871)
  • wazzock (Suggested by Pete. Nuf said)
  • weasel (A bit boring compared to the others)
  • windbreaker (More than one definition)
Note: there are currently no words beginning with T.

It's before 1am and I'm actually tired! It's brilliant! I'm going to bed now.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Condensing Crazy Comment Confusion

Some people have not posted comments because of the scary sign in page. The easiest way to post a comment is to click on the "0 comments" (or more than 0) at the bottom of the post you want to comment about. Then click on "Post a Comment".

If you have a blogger account then you can comment straight away. If not then it will ask you to sign up. It's very easy to sign up, but it's even easier to click on the "Post Anonymously" link just below.

It's nice to get feedback, so please comment if you can.

Jack's beard

As previously mentioned, Jack will soon be shaving his beard for charity. Tom took the first photo of jack with his beard. The second one is the same photo, but I (tried to) modify it (using The GIMP). It's not a great job, but it's not bad for 10 minutes work.