Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More photos at a time from my phone

This is what EJB can do. Awesome. CANT STOP or CATS PONT. Ooh, i'm uploading lots of photos. This will use up lots of my bandwidth.

More photos at a time from my phone

Here's some useful EJB acronyms, thanks Hairy Stu! Ooh, i'm uploading lots of photos. This will use up lots of my bandwidth.

More photos at a time from my phone

Nick + Mike have been altered a little. Nice. Ooh, i'm uploading lots of photos. This will use up lots of my bandwidth.

Post from Lifeblog on my phone

I'm writing this in the Nokia Lifeblog program on my N80. The photo is Enterprise Java Beans revision notes from the green room Hopefully this'll work. Woo!

Friday, May 26, 2006

I have a Nokia N80!

I'm not going to blog much (yet) about this as I'm revising for exams. Here's a few random notes.

  • The screen is aweseome. 4x the resolution of my last phone. You can read about 30 lines of text in it!
  • Wi-Fi works really well. Fast enough to stream radio from the net.
  • The camera is very nice. Does great videos too.
  • Seems fairly rugged and sturdy. I'm not going ot try dropping it though.
  • It's actually quite small. Thicker than many phones but not too big at all.
  • 128MB included miniSD is a bit small, so I'm getting a 2GB one soon.
  • Call clarity is very good. Signal seems very good too.
  • Battery is OK. Runs down if you use it all day for Wi-Fi. Turn off 3G to get more life out of it.
  • SIP (VoIP) doesn't work yet as there aren't any applications for it.
  • There's not many apps for 3rd edition S60, which is a shame. I've installed and got working Putty, Screenshot, Internet Radio, Opera Mini and Google Maps. I haven't got VNC or eMSN working yet.
  • Skype would be awesome, but it's not here yet.
  • QuickOffice is quite good for openning Office files, though you cannot edit them.
  • The music player seems good. You can fast forward by holding down on the "next track" button. There's a big gap for album art, where there could be a playlist. No Ogg support yet, but hopefully soon.
  • Image gallery thing is very nice, though I can't zoom to 100% as I keep getting out of memory errors
  • The browser is fantastic, though it occasionally closes on large sites. YouTube doesn't work, nor does Google Video or Google Maps. ORB seems to work ok as long as you open Real Player first. Google Reader does work, GMail looks quite good. Singing fish works well (at least for music).
  • The phone can tell you who is calling with text-to-speech. This is very cool. The voice dailling also works with speech recognition, so you don't have to record lots of names.
  • I haven't tried InfraRed. I don't know if it woul work as a TV remote.
  • Python isn't out for 3rd edition yet :-(
  • uPNP works OK to my PC with some PC software. I can do slideshows streamed from the phone, controlled by the phone.
  • FM radio works fine, though the Visual Radio bit needs non-wi-fi net access for some reason.
  • The display is awesome!
That's all for now. I'll post lots more in the future.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Whoah! So I have this idea of creating a BitTorrent client for my phone, as non exist at the moment. I start doing this for my final year university project. It's a lot of work but I'm learning lots and it's quite fun, although quite difficult.

Suddenly the final report deadline gets really close. I need to write thousands of words for a write-up, including the testing for the program. To test the program it has to at least work a bit. I code like a monkey (google for that song, it's good). I code some more. Then I think: hmmmmm.

During that thought I decide to create a small page about my program (now called "WizBit", as I couldn't think of a better name) on my GooglePages page. This is for "distribution" as my report puts it. Even though the code isn't finished I decide to advertise the site in an IRC channel.

People tell friends, some friends have lots of friends, friends tell friends, people google for "s60 bittorrent", people blog: WizBit becomes almost famous. It's exciting but almost scary. So many people now know about WizBit!

I have to give a demonstration the day after my last exam (7th June, silly timetabling), which means by then it should have basic functionality. That's quite a lot of coding in not a lot of time.

After the 7th I'll probably chillax for a bit, then try to get WizBit working really well over the Summer. I'll release what I've done under the GPL so after the 7th people will be able to help if they want. It's really amazing to create something that lots of people really want. I really hope I can get it working all properly.

This is the news

Like many a post, the post just before was a long time ago. Hannah came to visit again! We had a great time and even went to Dartmoor. The weather wasn't that great but we still managed to do lots. We found lots of really cheap good books and Hannah even found some Left Behind series books super cheap! Before that I'd been working on my university project lots and lots. Now I have some more to do, whilst revising for exams! I'm sure it'll all be fine.

The photo site Riya is actually really cool and very good. It has face recognition, is free and will soon allow importing nad exporting. Overall seems much nicer and more innovative than alternatives like Flickr. I'm not sure of thir revenue model yet though, so after beta they may have premium services or adverts.

Pete, Tom, Mike and I had a BBQ this afternoon. Their blogs may have photos. Pete doesn't ahve a blog. Pete: go to and get one.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's sunny at night again

Work is finished! Over 4 hours before its due in! Unfortunately we missed the nighttime again and it's now light outside.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


If you haven't got it already then you should download Google's Picasa. It's really good at organising photos and doing simple edits. It also integrates well with Flickr, email, Blogger / Blogspot and lots more. You can order prints online and make gift CDs. Seriously, if you have any photos on your computer you should download it now. There's a link on the sidebar to the right. -->