Monday, January 31, 2005


Mike is a silly boy. Shortly after putting a poll on my blog with the question "Who will copy me by putting a poll / search bar / ads on their blog first?", Mike asked me where I got the poll code from.

Shortly after, the following occurred on MSN:
Mike: 0wnz? wtf
Dave: owns
Dave: its leet
Mike: leet?

My blog

I've just put a Google search thing so you can search all my posts. Google hasn't indexed it yet though, so it may not work for a while. I've also put some public service ads (random charities) on the rare chance that some of you will click on them and give money to a good cause.

I haven't put ay new photos up for ages. I'll try to take some soon. Can anyone think of anything cool I should take photos of? I'm open to suggestions.

Got my MP3 player!

It arrived today! It's smaller than I thought & looks cooler than an iPod IMO. It also has an FM radio and you can plug memory card readers and USB drives into it.


I decided to sleep. Maybe it wasn't the best plan. After getting to sleep just before 7 and waking up just after 8, I had under 90 minutes sleep. I decided it would be best to try to get back to sleep, so I slept for a bit woke up just before 9. I then slept again and woke up around half 9. I'm now just about fully awake. I don't feel too great, but considering I had 1.5 hours + 0.5 hours + 0.5 hours sleep, I think I'm not doing too badly.

Off to play badminton with Pete soon.

I've finished my work!

Woo! No more work for a few days now, I hope. It's about 6.30 and I don't know weather to go to bed or not.

As well as doing lots of work I also learnt that alcopops are called 'coolers' in Canada from Chezzie.

Tom randomly woke up at 5am. He's already on tomorrow.

I have a plan. I'm going to clone myself, then I can do half of everything and have lots more time to sleep. I could even spend lots of hours running and get really fit. I could also visit lots of people and still have lots of time to do work. I could even get a full time job!


I still have lots more work to do. I'm currently on about 1200 words, with about another 2000 or so to go. I wish I was more organised. I could be asleep now if I'd done it soon after it was set. I wont get much sleep before my 9am lecture, then I have badminton with Pete at 11am. With this little sleep there's a chance he may beat me! (He actually normally beats me, except last week, where I won every game in a row.) The cleaner is also coming tomorrow morning. Fun.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Quiz

The split us up at the quiz to give other teams a chance. Half of us won a plane ticket and the other half won some T-shirts and glasses. I now have an insane amount of work to do...


We need Pringles for men. The tube isn't big enough for guys hands. I shall write to them later to suggest this. I for one would definitely pay more for a crisp container i can use without having to tip upside-down and drop crisps everywhere.

The Plan

Last week we had no alcohol and lost the Lemmy pub quiz. The week before we had some alcohol and won. We have concluded that to win the pub quiz, we should have some alcohol.

We're going to go to the guys house and have a drink, then go to the quiz. After the quiz I'll hopefully finish (and start) my work.

More than cool words

I've realised that there's more to life than lists of cool words - lists of cool phrases! I can't think of any right now though.


It's now Sunday and I need a new body-clock. I stupidly decide to go to bed at 7am, then can't get to sleep for a while. All I had was half a pint of coke at around midnight. I need to go to bed earlier. I don't think it's insomnia as I can still sleep easily, unlike this man. I think it's mainly due to lazyness and the fact that sleeping is so boring.

Did you know that sleep isn't really for rest? You can save the same amount of engergy as you save by sleeping by not eating quite as much. Sleep is actually for rebuilding some proteins and re-organsising memories and stuff.

I woke up at about 10.30, which is OK, listened to Daft Punk but fell asleep again! I woke up again soon after 12. I should go to sleep at 12 and wake up at 7, not the other way around.

I have my first 9am lecture tomorrow, at 9am, which could be interesting.

Where do you come from?

Do you come from somewhere strange? If you do, please tell me who you are. Theres already been lots of people from far away countries visiting here.

My timetable

From this Monday my timetable looks like this. I have about 19 hours! 4 9am starts and a lecture that ends at 6pm! Not much tim efor badminton and not many days for lie ins :-(.

I'm getting an MP3 player!

I should be getting this MP3 player delivered soon! I can fit almost 1/5 of all my music on it!

I just found this

The Bottomfinch is a quite exquisite mythical creature.
It hangs above microwaves.
It devours giblets, sheep, animals, children, cucumbers.
A little known fact is that it likes to hit silly frying pans.
Many people claim that it will fail to listen to yellow bed clothes.
Not many people know that it hates to conduct experiments on wasteful rope.
Its famous trait it that it hates to be shaped like fierce sheep.
It hates to brown boring cats.
Unattended it will fail to listen to weedy dogs.
Often it doesn't like to tell off forceful ice-cream.
It is unable to make noises like strange mittens.
When in danger it will probably hide behind confused thighs.
It hates to stroke delinquent jam sandwiches.

The Present!

I've finally added just about every (OK) photo I've ever taken. That took a long time! It's 10 to 6 (am) now. Click on the archives to see everything thats happened since 2003.

I added a counter earlier this evening and there's already been people visiting from the United States, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Malta, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Most people seem to arrive here by clicking on the "next blog" link at the top right.

Today I did some washing, went into town and played darts. We had a late dinner, then went to Rileys to play pool. We got back around 1am and I've been uploading photos since about 2.

I'll hopefully add to this as I take pictures now. For similar things to this, have a look at Tom's blog or Mike's blog.

Balancing things

Here's some things that balance. There's 4 train tickets and 3 satsumas.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Random photos

Mike and Louis
A dart hitting another dart
The condiment queen
Afternoon celebrations

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Alex's birthday

Tom & Nick made the most amazing cake. It had 52 eggs, over 3kg of flour and over 3kg of sugar. She stands at about 20" tall.

Australia Day

We went to the spoons and won hats and beer mits!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Random photos

Tom has a bucket on his head
This is actually real food!
Mike dropped the potatoes
I did this on my phone
One lecturer puts up photos of random women in our lectures to make them more interesting
Tom and Louis practicing martial arts
Nick htought it would be cool to duct-tape beer cans to he hands so he wouldn't have to hold them
Hanna got covered in loo role at a pub quiz
I managed to stack 3 pint glasses on top of each other very cunningly. Mike is amazed

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Amie and Vicki

My sisters tried on wigs

Monday, January 03, 2005

Leaving for uni

We went to the spoons just before we left to go back to uni.