Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Coldplay's new album is (nearly?) out! It seems pertty good. They have a cool code thing on the covers. Can you read this?

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ice Lolly

I just made a carling ice lolly like this! It just about worked, but was too frothy. Next time I'll try with a less fizzy drink.

Thursday, May 26, 2005


I seem to have lots of alakazams soon. Hmm. Revision is going OK. Been swimming and playing lots of badminton and squash. I want a Nokia N91 but they cost lots of money Cry. On a happier note, some old guy Pete is studying has a cheese chamber! Eat Lunch today consisted of a cheese omlette. After now, I have to do more revision and tidy my room. I also need to find/purchase the following items:

  • Hole punch
  • PostIt notes
  • Calculator


Some cool words (from www.worldwidewords.org/weirdwords):

  • Slubberdegullion - A filthy, slobbering person
  • Roo - To pluck the wool from the fleece of a sheep
  • Bodger - An itinerant chair-leg turner
  • Floccinaucinihilipilification - The action or habit of judging something to be worthless
  • Ginglyform - Hinge-shaped
  • Ullage - The unfilled space in a barrel or wine bottle
  • Zenzizenzizenzic -The eighth power of a number

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bucky O Hare

In conclusion (to everything), Bucky O'Hare is amazing. To prove it, here's the theme tune:

In another demension
Another time and space
A parralel universe is fallin' on it's face
When out of the chaos
Who else could it be?
But the animal adventurers from S.P.A.C.E!
Bucky! Captain Bucky O' Hare!
Mutants, and aliens, and toads beware!
You're lookin for adventure, well this is it
With Jenny, Deadeye, Blinky
And Willy DuWitt!
I said Bucky! Captian Bucky O' Hare!
In the battle of the Aniverse you don't know what's next
You only know amphibians ???? KOMPLEX!
When you check out your scanner and the evil planet Poads
There's only one course of action..LET'S CROAK US SOME TOADS!
Bucky! Captain Bucky O' Hare!
He goes where no ordinary rabbit would dare
If your Righteous Indignation has suffered a hit
And your photon accelorator's broken to bits!
And you're loosin your mind
And you're havin' a fit
Get the funky fresh rabbit who can take care of it!
Bucky! Captain Bucky O' Hare!
Did you say Bucky? I SAID BUCKY!
Bucky O' Haaaare...Let's croak us some toads!

Finished my work!

I've just finished 3 huge assignments! They're all in and now I can relax!

Last night was Tom's birthday. We had a super-cool day full of fun. We went to the Ram, then had the amazing birthday cake we made, then went to the guys house, then went to the Spoons and finally Arena. After all that I still managed to get up at 8am for my presentation.

We played squash this morning then I had some burgers for lunch. Now I'm going to relax lots. I may go swimming later - who knows?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I have Summer Ball tickes!

After getting up at 8am and queueing for about an hour and a half I have a Summer Ball ticket! Thumbs Up They promise Kosheen, Estelle and the people who did Build me up Buttercup! While we were queueing, I got Xfm (uni radio station) to play S Club 7, but by the time they'd put it on we'd moved past the speakers