Monday, August 28, 2006

Visiting Mottisfont House

Hannah, her parents and I went to Mottisfont House a few weeks ago. They had very nice grounds, super-trees, spiders, weird plants and unusual roses. As well as a shop which sold hangover cure sweets.

Becky's Edwardian party

About 100 years ago some Edwardians built a house...

They were all very happy...

Until... from up in the sky...

An ALIEN came! Argh!


"Hmmm", thought Chris...

Maybe the alien was a friendly alien

They were right. Very friendly... Though a little strange...

Random photo update

Glasses with glasses!

Hannah's always smiling

Even when she has packaging wotsits stuck on her face

Or is nunnified with towels.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Exeter Graduation 2006

Hannah's graduation at Royal Holloway

After a few too many Champagnes

Exeter Graduation Ball

Amelia's birthday party

For some reason the only photos I took were of Ed wearing strange hats...

Even at Jumpin Jack's

Our awesome garden

Our awesome garden had many awesome things, including a Tom...

A floaty Mike

A pirate flag

A hippodrome

And a BBQ. All awesome.