Saturday, August 26, 2006

Soul Survivor 2006

A week or 2 ago Hannah and I went to Soul Survivor. It was highly awesome.

It's a Christian camping event thing run by a guy called Mike Pilavachi. There are 2 main events every day with loud modern music (e.g., not old hyms) / worship and a talk. About 10,000 people go to the events in 1 huge tent.

Also in the day they have smaller seminars about lots of things. Hannah and I went to 3 on gifts of the Holy Spirit and ones on generation Y, politics, conformity, evangelism, and a few more. The speakers were all really good and we went to as many seminars as we could.

They have other events throughout the day like sports (skating, football, basketball) and dancing. I tried breakdancing there but failed as I haven't done any in about 6 months. There's generally water fights going on most of the time too but Hannah and I stayed away.

In conclusion it was a highly awesome time. It's on next year and I guess Hannah and I will probably be going again. Talk to us or go over here if you want to find out more.

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