Saturday, August 26, 2006

Home alone

Hannah's gone to see her uni housemates this weekend so I'm home alone with nothing much to do :-(. Fortunately, that does mean I have time to blog and email!

On Wednesday I had an interview with Teleca in Winchester but they later called to say they didn't want me (awesome interview technique but not so good technical stuff that they wanted).

Thursday was awesome. I had an assessment day at IBM near Winchester. Their campus there consists of an old country house with amazing gardens, a fountain, a few office blocks, pub and great sports facilities.

We had a group excercise, which went pretty well and 2 tests, which I found fairly easy. I'm really hoping I get through to the next round of interviews. Working there would be uber-awesome. Mostly because:

  • Amazing setting in the country
  • Great resources for social stuff
  • Super flexi-time
  • Very flexible holidays
  • Great pay
  • Friendly people
  • Education (you have training week type things all through your employment)
  • Bonus pay for things like patents
  • Loads more!
Basically, try to get a job there, even if you're not a software developer.

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