Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I have Summer Ball tickes!

After getting up at 8am and queueing for about an hour and a half I have a Summer Ball ticket! Thumbs Up They promise Kosheen, Estelle and the people who did Build me up Buttercup! While we were queueing, I got Xfm (uni radio station) to play S Club 7, but by the time they'd put it on we'd moved past the speakers


Anonymous said...

Cunningly they're still available now apparently, and there's like no queue, wop wop wibble - Tom Anonymously... oh bugger

Michael said...

However the tickets that Dave got have low numbers so that when he meets up with people at the Summer Ball Reunion in 2050 he can dance the night away safe in the knowledge he got there damn early. Cha Cha nipple.