Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Google taking over the world!

Hazar! I've finished all my web programming work! Brilliant!

Google have now UK-alized their maps and SMS services! Google maps seems way better than multimap as it's loads clearer and has business and stuff too. On the USA version, they have zoomable satellite images and there's loads of cool places you can see! The SMS thing is a magical texting thing that (I think) is free (at the moment). You just text what you want to 64664 and you get a reply in seconds! Try it now! E.g.: "tesco.exeter", "from exeter to wimbourne", "price cheese", "define cheese", "g spoon throwing" and "7+4cm in miles"! Pub quizes will now be very easy.

From their FAQ:
"I have free messages through my mobile phone plan. Can I use them for Google SMS?
Yes, you can. "

In other news, we still have lots of madras sauce stuff to get through...

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Michael said...

In an unrelated event my spankability meter has blown up.