Monday, January 31, 2005


I still have lots more work to do. I'm currently on about 1200 words, with about another 2000 or so to go. I wish I was more organised. I could be asleep now if I'd done it soon after it was set. I wont get much sleep before my 9am lecture, then I have badminton with Pete at 11am. With this little sleep there's a chance he may beat me! (He actually normally beats me, except last week, where I won every game in a row.) The cleaner is also coming tomorrow morning. Fun.


Bambi said...

Ever press next blog? Well I did and I found you. Perhaps we're soulmates separated by the Atlantic Ocean. Its a possibility.
Your blog is neato

check mine


Bambi said...

thanks for the shout on on my blog dave-o. Can i call you dave-o ? well I just did. Too bad you should be doing work and its 3 am and your still awake. Its only 11 30 here right now and my batteries died in my remote control. My life is now at a stand still. I noticed your email was gmail. does this mean you are unaware of the positive attributes of hotmail, mainly msn...or perhaps you're boycotting... i await your reply

Tommeh said...

random people scare me dave... don't let them touch me

Michael said...
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