Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Present!

I've finally added just about every (OK) photo I've ever taken. That took a long time! It's 10 to 6 (am) now. Click on the archives to see everything thats happened since 2003.

I added a counter earlier this evening and there's already been people visiting from the United States, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Malta, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Most people seem to arrive here by clicking on the "next blog" link at the top right.

Today I did some washing, went into town and played darts. We had a late dinner, then went to Rileys to play pool. We got back around 1am and I've been uploading photos since about 2.

I'll hopefully add to this as I take pictures now. For similar things to this, have a look at Tom's blog or Mike's blog.

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