Sunday, January 30, 2005

I just found this

The Bottomfinch is a quite exquisite mythical creature.
It hangs above microwaves.
It devours giblets, sheep, animals, children, cucumbers.
A little known fact is that it likes to hit silly frying pans.
Many people claim that it will fail to listen to yellow bed clothes.
Not many people know that it hates to conduct experiments on wasteful rope.
Its famous trait it that it hates to be shaped like fierce sheep.
It hates to brown boring cats.
Unattended it will fail to listen to weedy dogs.
Often it doesn't like to tell off forceful ice-cream.
It is unable to make noises like strange mittens.
When in danger it will probably hide behind confused thighs.
It hates to stroke delinquent jam sandwiches.

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