Wednesday, February 02, 2005

50 GMail invites!

Seems as though GMail is going to go public soon. From around 6.30am (GMT) this morning, every user has 50 invites for their friends. Let me know if you want one. There's no official news yet, but you should be able to find more info here.


Jareth said...

OK, well I dont have anything to say (you're on msn right now, so this is a bit superfluous, really), but now you can't complain that no one from home's posted anything! Ha!

By the way, its a very nice blog.


monkey said...

Hello, I randomly chanced upon your blog. What's g-mail? I've read about it on american blogs, and apparently it's a very. bad. thing. Is that true?

monkey said...

Hi, sorry, I'm dumb, just followed your link. Can I have an invite please? It sounds cool! Comment back and I'll leave my e-mail add. x

David Hulbert said...

I still have lots left - email dave1010 AT gmail DOT com to get 1. (I'm writing my email address like that not because of GMail, but because spam-bots find email addresses in webpages and I don't like spam.)