Tuesday, February 08, 2005


For lunch we had pancakes! Mike and Pete got full up, so I had to use up all the mixture on 1 uber-pancake. It was 12oz (the same as 3 quater pounders). It's not burnt at all + mostly cooked everywhere. We're going in to town now to get more pancake supplies!


Anonymous said...

Oh pancakes............
Yes, I made crepes a while ago and they were really good...damn now I want to go make some more but it's like late....buggers.

In anycase, I've posted comments before so....this is the link to my lj blog if you are interested in checking it out: www.livejournal.com/user/flowergrrlca

*malheureusement j'ai pas un compte avec blogger....*

David Hulbert said...

Cheers for the comment. Lots of Canadian's seem to read my blog - I'm not sure why. You can easily sign up for a blogger account if you want one, but there's probably not a lot of point as you have a lj one.

Are you bilingual? You're the first person to write something not English on my blog! Time for me to sleep now.