Tuesday, February 01, 2005


One lecture this morning wasn't that enthralling, so I wrote a few haikus. I don't know why. Here they are:

Update: some of them weren't proper haikus (5, 7, 5 syllables on each line). They should be now.

His orange can't walk
For it has run out of shoes
What will it do now?

Haiku writing's fun
The lecture is not as fun
I may fall asleep

Lampposts should be fast
If they are slow they will die
They are all quite tall

Cows are important
How I know this is because
They told me one day

Have you heard this news?
The Queen has quite a big bum
It is wrink'ly too

Seventeen syllables squeezed
Into just 3 lines

I know they're bad, so there's no need to tell me. I'm currently available to write haikus for your company or school project. My fees are very reasonable.


David Hulbert said...

now its time for bed
i need to get lots of sleep
lecture in morning

David Hulbert said...

not all of my thoughts
can fit into this small space
but hey, never mind

Anonymous said...

They're cute. Bad but cute.
As to why I'm writing this? Procrasitination (baaahhh). I found your blog after reading a friend's blog and then compulsively pushing next blog.
Keep up the good work (hihi)