Thursday, February 03, 2005

Some cool words

I need a place to put some cool words. This will be the place. These words are either funny or interesting or just generally cool in my opinion. I'll try to keep them in alphabetical order. Post your own and I'll add them to the best list in the universe! I'll put all the new ones in bold.

  • avocado (Like spinach for brains)
  • asymptote (Only 7 people actually know what it means)
  • bewaffled (Is this actually a word? It should be)
  • buttocks (Best pronounced out loud)
  • catamaran (Half funny and half cool, so it makes this list)
  • chutney (Horrible taste, lovely word)
  • colloquial (From Mo, very word-like)
  • cupboard (Not a cup, almost a board)
  • didgeridoo (Only funny because people think it is)
  • duck (A duck or to duck? Who knows?)
  • gherkin (Only just made it to this list as it's hard to spell)
  • hippy (Suggested by Mike, who probably isn't a hippy)
  • Kazakhstan (Kind of cheating as it has 2 'k's)
  • kerfuffle (Of Little Britain fame)
  • knickerbockers (from Mike Lunt, almost a rude word, but isn't)
  • kumquat (OH YES!)
  • laicization (From Hannah, apparently useful, but I doubt it)
  • melancholy (Suggested by Mo, rhymes with some cool words)
  • mongoose (Because it sounds like an abnormal goose)
  • nincompoop (Probably chant-worthy; try it!)
  • queue (From Mo, reminds me of banana)
  • snorkel (Should be more widely used in society)
  • spatula (This noun should be verbed)
  • spontenaiety (Suggested by Hannah, who thought of this very quickly)
  • spoon (Only good with other words)
  • stipendary (From Hannah, получающий жалованье in Russian)
  • subbookkeeper (What do you think?)
  • sycamore (nominated as the most beautiful English word. And no, I'm not joking)
  • Ujiji (where Livingstone was apparently found in 1871)
  • wazzock (Suggested by Pete. Nuf said)
  • weasel (A bit boring compared to the others)
  • windbreaker (More than one definition)
Note: there are currently no words beginning with T.


David Hulbert said...

Note to self: add these words:
cupboard, elbow
Coloquial, Queue and Melancholy (from Mo)
spontanuity (from Hannah)

David Hulbert said...

knickerbockers (from Mike Lunt)

monkey said...

I like trident. And tryst.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest trapize? (it may or may not be spelled correctly....). Like a trapize artist (?)
Otherwise: tepid or truncated?????