Tuesday, February 01, 2005


We sometimes have over 3TB (3000GB, = about 4300 CDs) of shared files on our university file sharing network!


Michael said...

Not sure how smart it is to advertise your illegalness?

David Hulbert said...

I do not condone sharing anything. I do think that all the billion dollar companies should get more of our money. I think it's important to give the money to the big companies first, so they can decide how much to give to the artisits (if they deserve any).

I believe that every song illegally downloaded directly costs the record labels lots of money as the downloader would have bought that single/album. I also don't believe anyone would every become interested in (or buy the CD of) a new band that their friends have told them about by giving them an mp3.

I also believe students can afford to buy infinite CDs and DVDs.

"Pay what it's worth to *you*." -- a wise man (me)