Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Another Plan

As part of my plan of not killing myself (metaphorically), I'm not drinking for 3 days. I've made 2 and a bit days already; which is quite impressive as I went to the pub and then went clubbing earlier today. It is possible to have fun without drinking anything - most people just don't know it.

At the club, Alex said he was giving up alcohol for lent and a £10 bet with Mike. I didn't believe him, because it's unbelievable. Apparently it's true. I decided to join in and we're going to give all the money we raise to charity. I'm not sure which chairty yet, but I'll keep you posted. Some of you may think this is a trivial task, but I am a student and I'm in Exeter. I'm going to try to guess how much I'm saving as I go along. I was asked if I could give up cheese for lent. I said no. If you want to sponsor me to give up alcohol for 40 days, all you have to do is talk to me in real life, email me, phone, text or just post a comment here.

Apparently Bearded Jack (photo from Tom) has raised over £100 to shave his beard. He may soon be known as Beardless Jack.

I went to 5 lectures today and did some extra work too! Pete and I completed the Exepose crossword in record time. I went to CU too, which was cool.

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