Friday, February 17, 2006

Valentines: Good! Car broken: Bad

Hello my fellow (and non-fellow) readers of my blog and welcome to today. My car is uber-broke and I'm half way through selling it. On a much more positive note, I had a super-fantastic week with Hannah!

I got there on Monday so we just chilled for the evening. Tuesday was Valentines day! Lots of fun romantic stuff! Wednesday was chilling day, where I sorted out my car a little and then went to London. We went to Camden market where there's a shop called Cyberdog, which has some quality stuff. I need to get some more money though. Thursday was the history society dinner, which was really nice. Hannah looked (and always does) fantastic! I was super lucky to be accompanying such a beautiful woman. The food was very good as it was chicken. No cheese though. Today is still Friday, which is / was the day I had to leave. Very sad. Leaving Hannah is virtually impossible.

I got a coach back to Dorset and tried to get insured on Hannah's car. It'd cost me about £400 to do it today, so I decided not to. Mum's kindly taking me back to Exeter tomorrow (Sat), where I'll be carless (not Carlos, he's Spanish) until I get one.

More good news: Stuff on My Cat (link) is back up!


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