Monday, February 13, 2006

A journey of traveling

I'm writing this from my mobile on the coach. We're at Ringwood.

Friday was the day of almost leaving. The afternoon consisted of swimming with Community Action then we went 2 the Ram 2 election results + drinks.

On Saturday I got up, packed and drove 2 Dorset. About 15 miles from my destination my car started making funny noises. I pulled into a petrol station + called the breakdown people...

Update: It seems as though Opera Mini doesn't like me writing long posts. This is what else I'd written on my phone at the time...

Luckily I appear to still have breakdown cover until the 27th Feb. They took me to Merley, where I got picked up by Ed's Dad to go to Bournemouth for Ed and Rich's birthday.

We went to "Edwards" bar, which had some nice drinks and OK music. We then went to Jumpin Jaks and participated in much dancing.

I slept on Sunday morning then went out with my sister Amie in the afternoon. We sent skibobbing! Then we went to the Lantern Church, where they had a "cafe service". They had good cakes and biscuits but alas no coffee. The talk was very good and they did a quiz too!

Later on Sunday I went to the pub with Rhys and Becky. I almost lost my jacket.

I called the garage on Monday and got Britannia Rescue to take my car away. The garage said "car no workey". To cut a medium length story short: I'm gona get a new car.

I booked a coach and am now (when I wrote this on my phone, but not actually the real now) on my way to see Hannah for Valentines week! Woo!

Now we're on some road somewhere. It has lines and the occasional bridge.