Saturday, February 11, 2006

Chaos in Culverland

This is the story of how Tom and I temporarily destroyed our house. Step 1: Make sure Mike has drunk a little to much so he can't hear you moving furniture around. Step 2: Move coffee table and poof into Mike's room. Note: This would have been a sensible place to stop. We didn't stop. Next came the armchairs...

The armchairs worked amazingly and we laughed for quite a while. We then contemplated taking it to the next level: the sofa! Step 3: Try to get the sofa out of the lounge. It's a challenge.

Step 4: Pivot! Our sofa is slightly larger than our hall. Luckily our sofa is slightly squishy. At this point I think we had no idea how we were going to get it to Mike's room.

Step 5: Lift it over the banister, more pivotting. Step 6: Push it into Mike's room. It didn't fit. It kinda got stuck...

This was all very exhausting. That lead to the next step. Step 6: Take a break. You can also see our phone mobile in the foreground onthe left. We hope you like.

This was very scary as well as exhausting. Mike could have woken up at any point. He didn't though.

Step 7: Celebrate in our cunningness and stupidity. The existence of furniture in Mike's room led to the absence of furniture in the lounge.

The very messy lounge.

In all the confusion and excitement I'd put 2 difference trainers on! Luckily one was left and one was right, corresponding to my left and right feet. Excellent!

It was then time to sleep. I heard loud banging in the morning and remembered our incredible sillyness from the night before. Oops. Our house is a big mess, but it's getting better. We managed to get the sofa back. We'll do the chairs in a sec. Sorry Mike!


Tommeh said...

I can't help but feel this incriminates me somewhat, darn

David Hulbert said...

Thanks for the link Tom! Who else can link to this post?