Friday, February 10, 2006

News from the crib: Valentines, iTunes, Power cuts and much more!

It's nearly Valentines day! Woo!

This week I've done / doing a tripple dose of Community Action work. Tuesday was soundbase, where we played Trivial Persuit with some seniour citizens and had tea, coffee and biscuits. Thursday was homework club, where we helped some kids with homework and played some games. Today is Friday (currently) and I'll be going to swim club for the first time in a while, where we'll be taking some kids swimming and playing in the water. All lots of fun.

I've managed to get iTunes to wake me up now, alarm stylee, with these cunning scripts. I should have been able to get it to work with built in Windows scheduling but I couldn't, so I used this program to get iTunes to play at the time I wanted.

This is the most incedible user interface I've seen. It's kind of like Minority Report. Watch the video and be amazed.

Google reader is a great news / RSS reader and allows me to catch up on Cute Overload. Unfortunatelt StuffOnMyCat seems to be down at the moment and doesn't have a feed :-(.

Last night we had a power cut! It seemed to be the top half of Culverland Road and some of Union Street. It was crazy because we had nothing to do! No TV, no Internet, no anything! Insane! Luckily we had lots of torches. The oven worked so I had 1kg of lasagne. Tom's laptop was fully charged so we watched Austin Powers. Mobile phones still worked so we could get on the Internet a little anyway. The power was back on again after about half an hour or so, then it went off for a second, which was annoying. Now it's working fine.

This weekend I'm most probably going home as it's Ed's birthday today and was Rich's yesterday. After the weekend is St Valentines Week, where I'll be staying with my lovely girlfriend Hannah.

Last night I made some art-type-thing. Photos on their way.

When you've finished reading my blog, read Nick's.

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