Monday, February 20, 2006

Tips and Tricks

Here's a load of random tips and tricks. Mostly boring, geeky stuff, though it could come in handy to someone someday (probably me, when my computer / phone breaks). Unfortunately I can't be bothered to link all the things here. just use Google - it's not hard. Please feel free to add your own in the comments.

Nokia Series 60 Symbian (specifically my 7610) applications
I originally posted this here but now it's also here:
Some apps I have (some freeware, others not) on my 7610:

  • FileMan (I think its better than FExplorer)
  • OggPlay (plays mp3 as well)
  • Lookup (search for parts of phone numbers)
  • Forward (save attachments to a directory onthe phone)
  • ControlFreak (Winamp control and full desktop control!)
  • Opera Mini (Great for
  • Nokia mobile search (good for maps in the UK)
  • Symella (Gnutella client)
  • S60Bible (the whole bible, very useful and easy to read, but no search)
  • Cocktail (Tells you how to make hundreds)
  • EggClock (handy countdown timer
  • smart dialer (essential - just start typing someones name/number 2 call them
  • SMSFace (displays a bit of SMS without you having to open it)
  • SMS-timer (send texts in the future)
  • FSCaller (full screen caller. dont know why s60 doesnt have this as standard)
  • CellTrack (random cell tower info)
  • PVPlayer (play videos full screen. ive watched a whole smallville app on my phone)
  • Disco (take a photo of someone + it makes them dance!)
  • SplashPhoto (gallery better than the nokia one)
  • AppMan (application manager)
  • ZipMan (unzip + unrar files)
  • SysMan (great task manager which replaces nokias one when you hold down menu key. displays ltos of info and is BRILLIANT. can also do system-wide shortcuts e.g. pen-7 writes a new text to my girlfriend)
  • Python (for coding stuff)
  • QuickOffice (open doc, exel and ppt files)

Firefox Extensions

Firstly, get Firefox if you don't already have / use it. It's safer, faster and has many more features than Internet Explorer. Once you've got it you can add extensions. I use these:
  • Adblock
  • All-In-One-Sidebar
  • DOM Inspector
  • Download Embedded
  • Download Statusbar
  • Greasemonkey
  • Image Zoom
  • Session Saver
  • SmartSearch
  • Smiley Xtra

Windows programs

Here's some random useful tools to have on a Windows box:
  • SmartFTP
  • Picasa
  • Process Explorer
  • Google Talk
  • Azureus
  • UltraVNC
  • StrokeIt
  • AVG Antivirus
  • ShellEnhancer
  • Netlimiter
  • Google Desktop Search
  • VLC media player
  • KazaaLite Mega Codec Pack
  • AutoGK
  • DVD Decrypter
  • Notepad2
  • NetTransport
  • FileMon
These are useful to have bookmarked / open. Some work very well as bookmarklets. Check out the links to the right as well - they're actually useful.
  • Google Maps
  • Wikipedia
  • Coral Cache
  • Google Cache
  • Wayback Machine
  • BugMeNot
  • TinyURL
  • Google Reader
I can't think of much else at the moment. Maybe there'll be more in the future...


Fern said...

Firefox'd be great if microsoft website still ran easily on it (which i know is down to IE not firefox, but vexed me muchly last year).

David Hulbert said...

Do you mean MSN / Hotmail? Or the Microsoft Windows Update?

Props due for the vexed wordage btw.

David Hulbert said...


Flash Lite
Google Local