Thursday, March 30, 2006

Random thoughts while shaving

I often have random thoughts while (or sometime while not) shaving. Today I had 2 (update: it's no longer "today" any more). Here's some of them. Post your own too!

  • Why isn't there such ting as a Jelly plant? What would it be like if it existed? Could "jelly plant" be a verb? E.g. "Did you see when Jack jelly planted Bob?" That would be a cool sentence to say.
  • Why don't icecream vans get fitted with GPS devices? Kids could then use Google Maps to have a live display of when there are vans in their area. Savvy kids could even subscribe to a geographically expressed RSS feed.
  • Will I ever get all my work done?
  • Instead of having all the confusion about Dalight Savings Time, British Summer Time, etc., why not have one of the following options:
    1. The simple option: don't bother with DST. It seems to create more confusion than it's worth.
    2. The technical option: have DST but get every time device to pull the latest DST information from the 'net. This means that it doesn't matter if DST is slightly different every year or in different places.
    3. My favourite: have the same time everywhere. Does it really matter that we get up before 12pm, have lunch at about 1pm and go to bed around 12am? I think not. If everyone used UTC (or CST, EST, GMT) then things would be a lot simpler. Instead of it being dalight from (for example) 8am to 8pm everywhere, it'd be daylight 8am-8pm somewhere and 4pm-4am somewhere else. The only problem I can see with this is that with the curent system we have Australia as an early waring of World destruction. E.g. if aliens were going to destroy the World tomorrow then we'd already know about it as it's tomorrow in Australia.


Tommeh said...

Jelly plant (Bot.), Australian name of an edible seaweed(Eucheuma speciosum), from which an excellent jelly is made. --J. Smith.

in further news, make the ice cream gps rss do waggy and you'll be the ultimate legend

Michael said...

The second point is a bit sad. Kids get beaten up for less....

Fern said...

What is waggy?

David Hulbert said...

a do waggy is like a thing a majig or a wotsit, but with more shinyness

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