Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A brief history of the past.

I've just been reading through my really old blog from the first year. Some highlights (if you can call them that):

  • Currnet blood - alcohol level: slightly more blood than alcohol, unless I stand on my head, then I get shoe prints on my face.
  • Next year Nick is thinking of getting a bouncy castle.
  • "Without farmers, we wouldn't have farmer's wives" is a fairly sexist quote I think.
  • In one lecture, the lecturer passed round different types of phone and network cable round so we could look at them. It was very exciting! We also played on space hoppers for a while, but not in lectures.
  • To make it more interesting, get different coloured celophane and wave it in frount of your computer monitor.
  • Im now eating crisps. I got them free with lunch. Ive finished them now.
  • The sports center (note American spelling, just for added amusement) is further up the hill...
In conclusion, I was very weird. I think I still am...

1 comment:

nick said...

I was going to get a bouncy castle? Cool. Go me