Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The name "Hulbert"

OK, my name's David Hulbert but I don't really know anything about my name.

There were 2 Hulbert actors called Claude and Jack from the 1930s.

There's also 2 towns in the USA called Hulbert, in OK and MI. There's under a thousand people in them both together. Let me know if you're one of those people!

As far as genealogy goes, I have no idea. There's a site here with links to lots of sites like this one which seems to say the Hulbert changed to Hurlbut on going from the UK to US. The name is most comon in the UK but also common in Bohemia and Germany. We're mostly in Wiltshite, Gloucestershite and Lancashire in the UK.

You can also stay in Hulbert House in Queensland, New Zealand, get a Hulbert credit card or go to Hulbert school.

Please add a comment if you are a Hulbert or know anything interesting.


Tommeh said...

its amazing the amount of things u can find to do which aren't your project :P

David Hulbert said...

Money off LittleWoods
Mobile phones
Exeter uni events
Holiday offers
and fuel cells

The word verification thing is "zamzre" thats a cool word. i think it's missing a couple of letters: zamzaree!

sarah said...

hey i'm a hulbert, i have the meaning of it at my parents house on the wall but i can't say i've eva read it,theres also a hulbert road near portsmouth!

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