Thursday, October 26, 2006

New idea: Community Parking

Many people have driveways near town centers which are free lots of the time, especially during working hours. Many people would like a cheaper parking space near town centers. If the person who owned the driveway could charge a small fee and allow anyone to park in their drive then both parties would benifit.

Problem: No one can find Community Parking spaces.
Solution: Text where you are to a short code number and you'll recieve a text with locations of the nearest unocupied parking spaces.

Problem: People renting out their spaces cannot install a ticket machine or make sure everyone pays the whole day.
Solution: People pay by text, sending their car registration and the parking ID to a premium short code. Most of the money from the premium text goes to the space owner.

Problem: It'll never work. Who's going to do it? It's a silly idea.
Solution: No solution yet. It may be a silly idea but don't you think it's an interesting one? I challenge you to come up with a better idea.

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David Hulbert said...

Some companies now do this. What next crazy idea of mine is going to come true? Giving different groups of friends your GPS location automagically, do a different degree of accuracy?