Saturday, October 28, 2006

Wedding gift list

As you may or may not know, Hannah and I are doing our own gift list for our wedding. This is mainly because we didn't want expensive things from somewhere like John Lewis, or to be too confined by somewhere like Argos. We'd much rather recieve gifts people had some input on themselves; more suprise gifts; and people buying 2 cheaper things than 1 more expensive thing which we don't really need anyway.

So we decided that I should make a wedding list website. I planned out the site then started making it. It's getting there but I still have quite a bit to do. Unfortunately the server (called "pinkstuff", named after a strawberry angel delight food) is currently down. When it's all working you'll be able to log in and see ideas of the gifts we'd like, follow links to buy them, reserve your interest and add notes and much more. If it works really well I may think about selling the gift list site itself. Posted by Picasa

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