Saturday, October 21, 2006

My blogging skills are virtually no more

It's been so long readers. Too long. I bet many of you don't bother reading my blog now as it's never updated. If that's the case, subscribe to the news feed, then you get told when it gets updated. Brilliant! Use the links on the right under "Feeds".

I have loads and loads of photos and videos I've taken which are just left on my phone. Bad me. They'll hopefully be online some day.

Today's news: It's the weekend! Woo! I've just got TomTom (sat nav) working on my phone, which is very cool.

Yesterday's news: Saw Dav Vinci Code with Hannah last night. For a film of a book it was quite good, though there were so many parts which (because I know a bit) are blatently wrong and I felt like shouting "Muppets!" at them.

This week's news: Hannah now officially works for The College! Woo! Though that means we don't work together any more as she's in a different building :-(.

Last week's news: Went to Exeter to see the peeps. Had fun, didn't drink too much, though Hannah was a bit ill. Alex has a very comfy floor. Props to Tom for How I Met Your Mongoose. Silly Looloo not coming, hopefully he'll be around in the future.

This month's news: I've been working at Bournemouth and Poole College as a web developer. I'm working on their new site, going live soon, whilst keeping the old site working. For technical people: I get to play around with things like PHP and MySQL; whilst battlling with CSS in IE and hacking around with RSS and Web 2.0 stuff.

Wedding plans news: Hannah's blog (she's not Jareth, nor in Surrey, but hey) is probably more informative, though we've now finalised the place (Chapel in the Valley), the reception (the CMC, near Canford Church / School), the car (RR silver wraith), caterers, florist, and Hannah has a dress (green with pink stripes). I'm working on an awesome wedding list site, which will be awesome. So will our wedding.

As bloggers around the globe say: Bye.

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