Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Unusual photo update

Here's an intersting medley of semi-interesting photos I've recently taken. Enjoy, with a pinch of salt.

My Polo has now done over 70,000 miles. That's about 10,000 miles a year since it was made. That's just under 30 miles a day. Crazy!

Han and I went to Swanage for a walk and we saw a pair of trainers tied together that had been thrown over a telephone cable across a street. Looks like a challange.

I took a photo of our TV back home because there was something really interesting on it. I can't work out what is it now. Oh bother.

Lidl sell the most interesting games. It does sound like fun.

The second graphic designer on the BBC Narnia series is called Joanna Cheese! What an awesome name! I may ahve to change mine.

Sign modification is usually funny. This was a bit funny at the time, but seems a bit boring now.

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