Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Good afternoon readers

Today is Wednesday, the middle of the week. Nothing to get too enthusiastic about.

Last weekend Hannah came to Exeter! We had a super time! This weekend I'm going to London to see Hannah, then on Saturday we're going to my cousin Rachel's wedding! Should be super duper!

This site has lots of interesting or funny photos of signs. Some of my favourites are about dogs, excellent rooms, dangerous trees and frogs, dead ends and cathedrals. I also now know what to get Hannah for Valentines day!

If you like music or videos, have a look at the top 50 music videos of 2005. Not a bad selection methinks. This is a cool gravity game. I'm not very good at it yet. Can't get over about 2000. This is an awesome video, which makes pi fun!

More random links: make your wireless internet faster, the best guide to music, questions unanswered by science and feasability of Noah's ark.

Now is Ram time, not for drinking but for meeting with course students to plan our attack to destroy the university. Or something. This afternoon I have a CA training session at 3pm. I hope I don't forget.

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