Monday, June 13, 2005

More exams n stuff

Whoah. I've had 5 of 6 exams. The first exam wasn't that great. The second and third mostly OK, the fourth fairly good, and the fith amazing! w00t I was up til about 2am revising on Wed night for the exam on Thu, then I got up around 7.30, had the exam, then had a drink and went straight back to revising from about 1pm til 2amReading. I didn't get to sleep until about 3am as i had a super coffeeCoffee that afternoonHitting Head Against Wall 2. I then got up before 7am on Fry and carried on revising, then did the best exam ever!

After the exam on Fry I was knackerfied so we went to Tesco and 4 of us spent about £160! We had a BBQ with a few drinks, then I went home and slept until 3pm the next day! Wowness.

The quiz was on Sunday, but I missed it as I was revising. The last exam will be hard. I got back from revising to find Mike more than tipsyNo to Drugs, Yes to Alcohol. He then found jelly and lots of mess was made. Silly MikeCrazy 3.

I have todayly sorted out my money, chair, post and sunglasses. The Internet got fixed this morning too! Now I eat and revise.

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Michael said...

The jelly made me do it. I have an eye witness- the spoon. Yargh!