Thursday, June 02, 2005

Coldplay - X&Y

This album is quite cool. As cool as cheese, you may say. To get out of revision, here's a little review of the tracks.

  1. Square One - 8/10 - Starts off well and gets better! Would probably be a 9/10 if I didn't have an exam tomorrow.
  2. What If - 6/10 - OK, but nothing special. Quite good pianoing tho.
  3. White Shadows - 6/10 - A nice song, but a bit boring.
  4. Fix You - 7/10 - Starts off a bit rubbish, then picks up and gets much better. The end is fantastic. It's be a 9 if the start and middle was the same as the end.
  5. Talk - 7/10 - Ironically this is one of the leasy lyrical songs. Nice tune.
  6. X & Y - 9/10 - All round a cool song. The grammar isn't too hot though.
  7. Speed of Sound - 8/10 - I think this is one of the singles. A nice and happy song.
  8. A Message - 6/10 - Sounds more like their old stuff.
  9. Low - 8/10 - One of the best. A very clear song, whith cool guitars and drums.
  10. The Hardest Part - 5/10 - A bit high pitched for me.
  11. Swallowed In - The Sea 8/10 - Quality singing and stuff. Nice Rhyming too.
  12. Twisted Logic - 7/10 - Starts off a bit boring but gets much better.

Overall it's a very cool album. I may even buy it! The only annoying thing is the big pause at the end of every song! Grrr. Total length is just over an hour, but actual music time is probabl just under.

Time for cheese now.

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