Monday, June 20, 2005

Hotness, but not in the good way

It's too hot to sleep, so I blog.

Chloe's party was last night. I drank an average amount but I acted like I'd had more, strangely. I opened a bottle of beer with a can of beer and now my finger has a big red line across it. My watch also slightly brokey was, but hey. We got an Abdula's on the way back and then I woke up. I woke up twice again later, then got up.

Pete & his American buddy, Kev, said "Hey Mr Dave, let's Stone henge it up!", so I was like drivey drivey drive in the hotness + we got there. The we looked at the stones. Then we went to Salisbury and saw the cathederal, got pizza (mmm. Pizza) and ice cream (mmm. Ice cream) and then went drivey drivey drive back here for Big Brother watching (we missed the quiz :-( ).

The F1 was like blargh, so Nikey and Mikey may be rich now. Then I got bored so we watched Naked Gun. Now is now, where I'm typing this. After this, I shall be sleeping, if I can.

Tomorrow I need to:

  • Phone Burton
  • Go to Specsavers
  • Tidy my room (meh)
  • Invent a room cooling device
  • Fix my watch
  • Fix my finger
  • Wake up
  • Go swimming
  • Wash up
In other news, I'm probably going home on probably this Tuesday for a while. That's a probably. I have no reason to limit my possibilites and limiting my possibilities for no reason is silly. I'm alsoly too spontaneous.

Extra coolness:
  • Buy and sell farm animals/things here
  • Listen /download (legally) to lots of quality independant music either at usounds, knobtweakers (dance music) epitonic or 3hive. You can also search for music at espew or the hype machine. More sites like this here.
  • Cheat at crosswords
  • Learn stuff that isn't true! E.g: If Vikings were reincarnated using cloning technology, they'd be surprised at how much glow-in-the-dark stuff we have. Journey only appears to have eight letters. Apples can kill at the blink of an eye.
  • If you're still bored, do the riddle and complete it. I did.
Sleep now.


Tommeh said...

I'm still drunk :(

Michael said...

Dave u 4 legged muppet. U missed cheerleaders and the whole open day event. Plus they played S Club at Arena and Tom came up with an awesome pub name - Kumquat May. Think about it.