Friday, April 21, 2006

MP3 players comparison

What's the best Windows MP3 player? Just MP3s, no videos or any other audio format. These are some of the most important features for me.

Player: iTunes WinAMP WMP
Global search (150GB on 2GHz CPU): Yes Yes, 8sec Yes
Directories: No Yes No
Auto-updating library: No, 3rd party Yes, in background Yes
Desktop integration: Google Sidebar Google Sidebar Explorer
Alarm clock: No, VBScript With plugin With plugin
Smart playlists: Yes Yes Yes
Sort by any attribute: Yes Yes Yes

What other features are useful? What other good players are there?


Tommeh said...

argh my eyes, u need a table of doom

Dale said...

Why did you include WMP if you just put a question mark beside everything? WMP: Global Search - Yes, Directories - Yes, Auto-updating library - Yes, Desktop Integration - Yes (controls on taskbar), Smart Playlists - Yes, Sort by any attribute - Yes...

David Hulbert said...

I've made a "table of doom". Not very good doom, mind you.

Dale, I was going to add them when Mike told me. Thanks for the information. Mike says you can't play a directory (e.g. C:\music\dance\, which contains many albums) with WMP. Can you?

I like the desktop thing of WMP.

Does anyone think Foobar2000 is worth having a look at? Will it work on 30,000 songs on my computer?

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