Monday, April 24, 2006

Get £2 for signing up to this... Updated!

Update: This actually works. I've recieved over £20 in my bank account from signing up lots of people. They don't (so far, 2 months) text you any more (spam). You can also sign up other people and get money. Go for it! If you don't want to add your bank account then transfer me the money and I'll give you the cash (after taking a commision :-).

Luup is mobile payment thing. Basically means you can send / recieve money using your mobile. To sign up, text "go dave1010" to the number 81100. You get £2 and I get £1. They don't spam you. Texts you send are usual text price (10p or free if you get free texts) and texts they send you (confirmation) are free.

You can send money to other users (eg try texting "pay dave1010 2" to 81100 to send me £2) and you can also activate a bank account if you sent and add / withdraw funds. It only costs you the texts you send and 20p (from your account) to send money to a bank account.

It could be useful for when you owe mates a bit of cash. Instead of writing IOUs you can send 1 text message and they actually get the money! Some eBay members also take it. Hopefully it'll get really popular and everyone will use it. It'd be cool to go to 'spoons and pay for drinks without taking my wallet.

So go now and sign up! You get £2 and I get £1. It only takes a minute. To sign up just text "go dave1010" to 81100.


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