Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Creative commons

I just found this video from Opsound. It's very cool. Watch it now. Yahoo also have a Creative Commons search thinggy.

More stuff: the new Apple computers may have hardware DRM. Bad badness.

Mobile Google Maps looks brilliant, but I haven't got it to work onmy Nokia 7610 on O2 UK yet. Poo.

The Open CD is very cool. Get it now.

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  • Quote: "A man generally has two reasons for doing a thing. One that sounds good, and a real one."
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  • Thought: How long could I survive with 4 hours sleep a night? Should I try?
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Michael said...

Hardware DRM? WTM? Link to it foolio.

Also may need to get some things before I go back to uni:

- Apple Mighty Mouse
- Blender

David Hulbert said...

apple mighty mouse dont look that gr8. a blender would b VERY cool tho.

apple drm and comments

Michael said...

Wots that... turnip farming. I hope not. Check this wackness:


Tommeh said...

damn u and that link mike

Michael said...

look, a distraction ---->


David Hulbert said...

only new links alowed on my blog

David Hulbert said...

whered the cheese go?