Monday, July 18, 2005


Last night we got back from the most amazing holiday ever!

Here's roughly what happened in super-quick sentences:

Fryday: Get on a plane to Franceland. Get 100mph taxi which drives on the wrong side of the road to hostel. Wiggle over to some food place and do some eating. See the Eiffel Tower in the distance and wobble generally towards it. Talk to funny French people who pretended not to understand Lisa's French and spilt beer on Alex. Then Alex and I pretended we didn't really know how to get back, when all along we knew exactly where were were. Managed to squeeze back to the hostel just before the curfew. Slept like a biscuit as it was quite hot, but not too hot.

Woke up at like 5am in the morning on Sat due to Sun being silly. Gradually woke up less then more and got up around 7am (still in the morning!) for knee-operated showers. Learnt the whole of the Paris metro system and did some underground zooming over to DISNEYLAND!

Got to Disneyland around 10am and went on lots of rides, ate lots of food. The bestest ride was probably Space Mountain. The Peter Pan ride was good too, but it was over too quickly. Got some photos with the real Disney characters! Went on more rides, got really hot + sleepy legs. Drank a normal amount and went to toilet a normal amount. Managed not to loose Jade and Lisa too much. Did shopping then sat on ground for 1 hour and got a numb bum - I need to eat more.

Then the parade started! I guess this was most probably easily the bestest bit EVER. I'll hoepfully put some photos on the Interweb soon. It was undescribeable, but I'll tell you what happened anyway. All the Disney peeps had huge car type devices with lots of lights on. Then people with lights on did funny dancing and stuff. I was so knackered (not a swear word I think: "Comes from the word we use for killing horses. A knacker is the person who kills the horses, thus the phrase 'bound for the knacker's yard' when something or someone is on its last legs." Who kills horses?) just before as I'd only got about 4 hours sleep and we'd been walking round for hours but the magical parade thinggymabob made be feel so alive and awake as a rabbit! Unfortunately we had to leave the magical land of Disney coz the metro stops at night. In real life we would have stayed there overnight but we didn't. We then twaddled back to Le Hostel de Aloha and had a mini party.

Did some turbo-sleeping on Sat night and woke up before 6am. Had shower then went to get breakfast for the girlies, but they were like "Meh, we'll get it later". Later we zig-zagged on the metro and went to the Loo (pronounced "loo". e.g. "Are you going to the loo?", "Wee!". Some English people were trying to say "Louvre"!) Went in the London Eye, which had got shrunk on transportation, and saw all the cool buildings n stuff. Had the yummiest crepe for lunch and did some more walking. Jade and Lisa's sillyness was increasing exponentially at this point. Did a little purchasing then went to MacDonalds where they serve beer!

We then toodled back to the hostel of sleeplessness and grabbed our stuff and diddled back to the flying plane, where we most un-cunningly missed dinner! Went to go duty free shopping, but couldn't coz of EU wotsit stuff. Poo. Got on the flying plane and was v.upset we had to leave. Saw lots of really small cars and buildings then landed in Southampton. Drove back with oil light on lotsly then got back around 11 and slept. Now it's like 4pm and I've only just got up.


Michael said...

Hazzar. U cunning person. I really miss McD's beer, damn UK.

Michael said...

Southampton Airport is 2 mins from Southampton Airport station which is 5 mins from Winchester station which is 15 mins from my house.

David Hulbert said...

Coolness! We should all meet up in Southampton 1 day then.

Tommeh said...

I cry.

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