Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Future

The future seems to be getting closer now. Here's what may or may not happen:

  • Indie music more popular than commercial music. Imagine only ever listening to music you liked - recommended from friends or music you liked in the past. Pop music would be popular because it's the best music, rather than has the best marketing.
  • Contact lense displays. How cool would that be? All you need is a power source, video reciever and display. Can't be that difficult. This could be used for map overlays, vision augmentation (e.g. zoom, infra red, etc.), general information (e.g. encycopedias), entertainment (e.g. films) and loads more.
  • Geotagging. Imagine walking past a hotel or museum and automagically having all the information about it in front of you (e.g. their website). Or looking at a random statue or somthing and being able to immediately see what other people have said about it. The possibilities are endless.
  • Clothes which automatically program your washing machine when you put them in. This would be easy. I'm suprised it hasn't already been done. Maybe it has.
  • Trips to space. I think in 20 to 30 years people will have to choose between going on a trip to space or somewhere like Hawaii.
  • Cars interacting with each other. E.g. the car in front of yours tells your car it's breaking suddenly so your car slows down. Or the car in front has a webcam which you can see to see if it's safe to overtake.
  • Invisible input devices. Cameras or accelerometers could monitor your hands / eyes instead of having a keyboard / mouse.
  • The difficulty in knowing weather the person you're talking to is physically there. Will that matter in the future?
  • Computer generated voices which are indistinguishable from real voices.
  • 3D printers which print anything to order (e.g. shoes, plates).
  • Pens and paper become rare.
  • No physical keys.
  • GM pets. E.g. glow in the dark goldfish.
  • Multi-storey farms (not my idea).
  • Less distinction between night and day.
I can't think of anything else now. Can you?


Michael said...

Kumquat Phobias. I can see it.

Michael said...

From http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Cheese:

Cheese is the fruit of all life. Life can only exist with cheese - that is why cheese is so expensive. Some anti-cheeseists deny the vitality of cheese but most users agree that these 'people' aren't very nice and their opinion doesn't matter. Milton is the King of Cheese, and Bob is it's inventor, through his backwards-divinity. Cheese that does not contain monosodium glutamate will not survive The Contest Of Time.

Cheese is now known as McCheese after a hostile takeover by McDonalds. In a deliberating act of empathy, John Cleese renamed to John Cheese.

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David Hulbert said...

mikeypoo, i wrote most of that