Tuesday, August 26, 2008

O2 and Wescot

Grrr no.1:
I canceled my old O2 contract last year and they have only just sent (via a credit agency) a letter to my old address, saying I still owe them money. What I want to know is why O2 didn't try emailing me (they still have my current email address). Then I could have paid in minutes, instead of months.

If anyone from O2 is reading this: try emailing people with the email address you already have! It must cost them quite a bit to get a credit agency to track people down. Maybe that's why O2's prices have just gone up.

Grrr no.2:
I went to pay the outstanding debt at Wescot. Have a look at their payment page. The submit button is a link to a page that doesn't exist. That means when you've filled out the form and click submit you get a 404 and loose the data you entered. Luckily I have Firebug installed, so could fix the website.

I changed the erroneous:

<a href="paydetails.html"><input type="image" src="https://www.paywescot.co.uk/_images/submitbut.gif" value="Submit" alt="Submit" tabindex="28">

<input type="image" src="https://www.paywescot.co.uk/_images/submitbut.gif" value="Submit" alt="Submit" tabindex="28">

And then I did the same on the confirmation page. After submitting the form I received a confirmation email (that GMail couldn't view properly -- bad Content-Type header I think) saying I'd paid. Pheww!


Tommeh said...

This happened to me with O2, but rather than old address, I was in foreign lands. All very stupid, but 3 months after the FINAL NOTICE, they still didn't arrest me or anything and I just rang up and paid and cancelled. Though I had to write a paper letter to cancel?! Can't see why I couldn't just do it on phone/online. Pant hats.

Anonymous said...

hey the same thing is happening to me, what exactly do i need to do, i dont have a firebug installed do i need one too do it?


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