Friday, July 13, 2007


Can anyone else get to the top position for a Google search of a single common English word? Bournemouth and Poole College are no.1 if you search* for college. I'm not completely sure how we managed that. Anyone want to hire me to do SEO?

*Actually, just Google UK, but if you go to then it should redirect you to

Update: now we're 2 again :-(


Michael said...

That would be impressive. I challenge you to get jank to the top of the search results. The winner shall win 10,000 kudos.

Trade said...

iirc Google prioritises search results by the number of other sites that link to the page in question, therefore if one was to create a number of dummy sites that linked to ones front page, one could see their site move up the rankings for certain search queries

BMW did this a few years ago, but google found out about them and punished them by moving their site to the bottom of the table.

Anonymous said...

Does it also happen if you are not logged into your google account? 8-)

David Hulbert said...

It did, 5 years ago.