Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Web development ideas

Because I code all day at work, my brain keeps trying to code when not at work. Can be annoying but here are some things (web sites) it's thought of:

  • Wedding gift list creator - I already made a basic one. Could be a good business.
  • Wiki'd Bible notes - let people add notes (public, shared with friends or personal) on verses / passages of the Bible. Would be nice to have lots of people explaining things. Could be used on other books too (eg for school projects). On a similar note, it would be cool to have 2 separate wikis side by side about Christianity in general, one side edited by atheists and the other by Christians, both with credible references and sources; e.g. The Case for Christ is a good book but it would be good to see it compared to an atheists viewpoint. (This page is interesting.)
  • Can't remember what else now.
If you're a web developer have a look at the jQuery JavaScript library. It's pretty amazing.

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