Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Unprecedented levels of awesomity

(Awesomity is a scale of awesomeness.) Monday 28th November 2005 was the day Faithless played at the BiC. I was there (With Hannah, Looloo and Fern (and her friends)). It was absolutely amazing!

Sister Bliss did some astoundingly euphioric keyboardyness. I could listen to that stuff for days on end.

There were 2 phenominal drummers (actually 1 drummer + 1 percussionist) who were more rhythmic than a TR808.

There seemed to be 2 guitarists, tho I'm not sure. Sometimes lots of effects were used (like with the base on a song near the beginning) and sometimes it was virtually acoustic.

Maxi Jazz was stupenous. He did most of the singing / "rapping" tho there were 2 other incredible singers (one called LSK) who led in some songs.

Rollo apaprently doesn't tour with them. Strange.

They played lots of new stuff and many classics like God is a DJ and Insomnia. They encored with Salva Mea which was uber-cool, tho it was a silly mix that made it more funky and jungley instead of wonderously euphoric.

The best bit was undoubtedly We Come One. Lots of audience participation. It's very difficult not to jump as high as you possibly can to every single beat of that song.

Easily the best gig I've ever been to. Even better than any gig I haven't gone to.

Afterwardsly, we didn't go to spoons as they errorfully don't let people in after 11. Tescos was obviously the substitute destination. Food was purchased and I replaced my leaky coffee filter with a more cunning "Bush" one. It has added features such as not leaking and an enigmatic timer for future coffee.

My car doesn't work so well now. Downhill is fine. Going along flat roads is just OK. Uphill is a bad idea. Very bad. On one hill, which I normally do over 50mph in 3rd or 4th, I had to change down progressively into 2nd, then 1st! Before hitting the hill I seriously thought we wouldn't make it. I prayed and my little 1.0 VW Polo just got to the top! Woo! The journey took about 2 and a quarter hours, instead of the 1 and a half it would normally take at 1am. Now it's at a garage, where I'll probably have to spend more money I don't have getting it fixed. That reminds me, I have to call the garage tomorrow morning.

Today I made coffee whilst in the shower. Less mysteriously as you may first imagine, as I used the magical "future coffee" function of my coffee produceulator. I should write a dictionary of all the adaptations I've made to English.

Whoah, long post. I'll boldify it, as Tom does, but I invented first, before Tom was even born. Ha!


Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

Perhaps you meant November 28 as the play date, rather than December. Anyway, it's a good thing that you were able to survive the drive uphill. That can be pretty scary.

David Hulbert said...

Thanks. Silly me. That's at least 2 mistakes I've made this year!