Monday, October 31, 2005

The happenings


Yesterday was bowling. My record was just over 22mph. I wasn't going for points. Yesterday was also clocks going back day, which was nice.

The day before was breakdancing social at Timepiece. Twas awesome with dancing + suchlike. Go there now! We also turned a pumpkin into an uber-jack-o-lantern with dangerously wired up bulb + smoke machine pointing into the street.

Fryday was 9am lecture day. After that comes Community Action (CA), which was super-duper-fun! We took some kids swimming. I'm pretty good at kid throwing. We laterly got chips (with cheese!) then nearly went to the ram, but didn't.

Thursday was a big work day. More work than cheese in fact. Then we went clubbing at Arena, where my shoes were wrong.

Wednesday was squash day, followed by breakdancing.

Tuesday must have been something, but I don't remember what.

Monday was breakdancing with mats! I'm learning backflips. Slowly.

Before that is completely unknown. Today is the start of "reflection week", which means fewer lectures but more work. I believe the plan for today is Rileys, breakdancing, pub then houseparty, but is subject to change.

Rain is approaching so I better leave

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