Saturday, October 02, 2004

Second day at uni!


I've just woken up from my new bed in Exeter. It's quite confy. I'm going to have breakfast on my own in a minute coz no one else is up. Silly sleeping people - it's 10:30!

Bit of a boring night last night, mostly unpacking. Found out that a fork makes a great door stop.

I seem to be back to the uni way of life already - I stayed up 'til 5:30am this morning.

My new room has 6 plugs, a double bed, East-facing window, towel heater(!), and lots of stuff I still haven't unpacked.

Stuff I need to get:
Sower mat
Dirty washing basket
Pillow cases (I have 4 pillows!)

Food time now!

1 comment:

Michael said...

Why the hell was I sleeping I hardly ever sleep that late? Maybe I was pissed...