Monday, June 05, 2006

Random photos, again.

Nice view from Holland Hall

Tom fights evil with his power saucepan and wins!

Imperial "Spoons" Wetherspoons ahs a nice window mirror thing. The photo would have been better if I stood back a bit.

Enterprise Java Beans and CORBA acronyms, along with some random photos.

A Cat! In my Car!

Three International Businessmen of Mystery. Bargain!

Ooh, it's an old Tom! Except the photo is old, Tom is young.

An old photoo again from the Ram. A classic. Woo!

Reason why I'm not a poet #62

Post-exam chillage.

Pre-sunset viewage

Pretty-tree foliage

Proximate-river flowage

Hannah came to visit on Friday

We saw some flowers and some more flowers.

And a beautiful Hannah! (That's my girlfriend! Woo!)

There was a Mr Duck, waiting to enter the unknown waters before him.

And a very orange tree. Many branches too.

We have a garden!

in our garden we have:
A Tom!

A Mike!

Some clever chairs...

... which Spiderman broke

A hippodrome (apparently)

A BBQ and an excited Pete